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Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance Policy will provide assurance that if you become disabled and can no longer perform work in order to earn your income, you will have coverage. Many companies will give you the option of different levels of coverage. Insurance premiums are usually deducted from your bank account (PAC) Disability Insurance will pay you an ongoing income if you become disabled and are unable to pursue employment or business activities. There are limits to how much you can receive based on your pre-disability earnings. Rates will vary based on occupational duties and length of time in a particular industry. This kind of coverage has a waiting period before you can begin collecting benefits, usually 30, 60, 90 or 120 days. The benefit paying period also varies from 2 years to age 65. A short waiting period will cost more than a longer waiting period. As well, a long benefit paying period will cost more than a short benefit paying period.